Women’s University Multan Admission 2023 Last Date, Merit List, Fee Structure

Women’s University Multan Admission 2023 last date is 30 November 2023 check on our website. Multan, Punjab, Pakistan is home to Women’s University Multan (WUM), a public institution of higher education. One of the oldest and most famous women’s universities in Pakistan, it opened its doors in 1962. Studies at both the undergraduate and graduate levels are available in the arts, sciences, humanities, and social sciences at WUM.

Admission to WUM is highly selective and based on demonstrated academic ability. Submit your official transcripts, standardised exam scores, and personal statement. WUM’s application deadline for the 2023–2024 school year is September 30.

Women’s University Multan Admission Requirements

Applicants at WUM must meet the following standards to be considered for admission:

  • pass the Higher School Certificate (HSSC) test with a grade of at least 50%.
  • Have earned a passing score on either the NET or PET administered by the National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences in the country of study.
  • Provide a passing result on an official computer proficiency test (such the TOEFL or IELTS).
  • Include a personal statement and two recommendations with your application.

WUM Application Process

Applicants for admission to WUM are required to provide the following materials:

  • Submission of a Formal Application.
  • Official high school or comparable transcripts.
  • Results from the examination(s).
  • Result of a computer-related aptitude test (if given).
  • Individual Proclamation.
  • Two supporting letters.

WUM Admission Deadline 2023

WUM’s application deadline for the 2023–2024 school year is September 30.

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WUM Admission Procedure

Women’s University Multan Admission 2023 last date check on our website. After the application deadline has passed, serious applicants will be considered for admission by WUM. Applicants who have been chosen will be notified of their acceptance by electronic mail.

Women’s University Multan Admission 2023 last date

Women's University Multan Admission


WUM charges different amounts for each of its many courses. Check out the WUM website for details on how much college will cost you.


Scholarship opportunities are available to deserving students at WUM. Visit the WUM website for more on available scholarships.

Benefits of Studying at WUM

Attending Western Michigan University (WUM) has many advantages.

  • A stellar reputation in the classroom.
  • Programs for both undergraduates and graduates are many.
  • Professional and competent faculty.
  • Modern, cutting-edge infrastructure.
  • A welcoming and safe space for everyone.

WUM Apply Online

WUM accepts online applications through its website (www.wum.edu.pk/admissions).

Login to WUM Portal

Women’s University Multan Admission 2023 last date check on our website. Logging onto the WUM portal allows applicants to monitor the status of their application and examine the list of those who have been selected. Access to the online resource can be gained by clicking on the following link: www.wum.edu.pk/login.

The Women University ( WUM) admission 2023 for BS degree Courses

The Women’s University of Multan has announced that applications for the next 2023 academic year are already being accepted. Online applications are being accepted for the following bachelor’s degree programs:

Program Degree
Business Administration AD degree in Business Administration
Economics AD degree in Economics
Education B.ED degree in Education
Pakistan Studies BS degree in Pakistan Studies
Applied Psychology BS degree in Applied Psychology
Environmental Sciences BS degree in Environmental Sciences
Zoology BS degree in Zoology
Botany BS degree in Botany
History BS degree in History
Computer Science BS degree in Computer Science
Biochemistry BS degree in Biochemistry
Economics BS degree in Economics
Education BS degree in Education
Urdu BS degree in Urdu
Information Technology BS degree in Information Technology
Islamic Studies BS degree in Islamic Studies
Biotechnology BS degree in Biotechnology
Statistics BS degree in Statistics
Physics BS degree in Physics
Public Health BS degree in Public Health
Sociology BS degree in Sociology
Chemistry BS degree in Chemistry
Business Administration BS degree in Business Administration
Microbiology & Molecular Genetics BS degree in Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
Mathematics BS degree in Mathematics
Visual Arts BS degree in Visual Arts
Arabic BS degree in Arabic
English BS degree in English
Mass Communication BS degree in Mass Communication
Politics & International Relations BS degree in Politics & International Relations

How To Apply for WUM Admission 2023

Women’s University Multan Admission 2023 last date check on our website. Those who are considering applying to The Women’s University of Multan should know that they can do so now. See the official notice for the university below for information on eligibility requirements, the online application process for admissions, and contact information, or go directly to wum.edu.pk.
Those interested are encouraged to get in touch with the admissions office for additional information.


Don’t miss the application deadline of September 30, 2023, if you want to earn your degree from WUM. Applying is quick and easy; just visit the university’s website to fill out an application.

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How early in 2023 can interested students apply to Women’s University Multan?

Women’s University Multan Admission 2023 last date check on our website. Women’s University Multan is presently accepting applications for the upcoming academic year of 2023. For further information, visit the website or admissions announcement.

When it comes to entering college in the year 2023, what majors are available?

In 2023, freshmen can enrol in any one of a variety of undergraduate majors at Women’s University Multan. These schools provide a wide variety of academic majors, from business administration to economics to education to psychology to environmental science. The complete list of courses is available in the formal admissions notice.

In 2023, what are the requirements to enrol at Women’s University Multan?

Program-specific eligibility requirements may be in place. Education requirements typically outline the minimum GPA needed together with any other mandatory courses or degrees. The admissions notice explains in detail who is and isn’t eligible to participate in each program.

how much is the Women’s University Multan application cost for the year 2023?

The admissions announcement will specify any costs associated with applying. For the most up-to-date pricing and payment details, please refer to the announcement.

Is there any form of financial assistance or scholarship chances for students in the year 2023?

The acceptance letter is the normal place to get details about any university-offered scholarships or financial aid programmes. Please read the attached note carefully, since it contains important information about financial aid.

To whom should I direct my questions regarding enrollment at Women’s University Multan?

The admissions office’s contact information, such as a phone number and email address, is normally included on the university’s website. The most up-to-date and accurate contact information can be found in the admissions announcement or on the website.

When is the application deadline for the class of 2023?

It is imperative to examine the official admission notification for precise deadlines as they may vary from program to program. If you want your application handled in a timely manner, it’s best to submit it early.

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