sui gas bill online bill 2023 Online

Sui gas bill online bill 2023 Online from our website. Detailed instructions for paying your monthly gas bill online are provided here. The online billing portal for Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) can be accessed via the “Click To Check SNGPL Duplicate Bill” link on A new tab or window will open, requesting your 11-digit Customer Number; once you’ve entered it and the captcha that appears, click the button labeled “Submit.” When you click the link, your SNGPL Gas Bill will load in a new window. Both SNGPL and Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) provide their customers the option to view their gas invoices online at no extra charge.

Furthermore, SNGPL has varying gas consumption minimums for various client types. You can pay your SNGPL bill at any of the aforementioned ABL, HBL, MCB Bank locations. Pakistan’s energy system is more resilient since natural gas is produced domestically, mitigating its exposure to fluctuations in global prices and supply interruptions.

How to check online bill of SNGPL?

Here are the procedures you need to take to view your SNGPL Duplicate Bill online:

  • For the SNGPL duplicate bill, please see
  • The “Click To Check SNGPL Duplicate Bill” link should be clicked.
  • A new tab or window will appear.
  • Just type in the 11-digit Customer Number found on the back of your statement.
  • Please complete the captcha.
  • The “Submit” button must be clicked.
  • The SNGPL Gas Bill will open in a separate window.
  • Sui gas bill online bill 2023 Online from our website.

sui gas bill online bill 2023 Online

sui gas bill online bill 2023 Online

Check Online Sui Gas Bill

  • The Sui Gas Checker System in Pakistan is operated separately by SNGPL and SSGC. SNGPL is responsible for natural gas distribution in northern Pakistan, while SSGC handles the same task in southern Pakistan.
  • Both firms are involved in the distribution and supply of natural gas across Pakistan. If a customer doesn’t have a gas bill for the month or hasn’t received an invoice, that’s fine with them. As a result, customers can now review and print copies of their gas bills for the prior month directly from the websites of both major gas providers.
  • This is a no-cost service provided by the appropriate gas distributors. Users can quickly and easily view the details of their gas bills by entering their user numbers. Sui gas bill online bill 2023 Online from our website.

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Steps for Gas Bill Online Check

To begin, head on over to

  • Here you can find basic forms to fill out.
  • Simply input your Consumer Number or Customer Number in the appropriate form and then select the ‘Check Bill’ option.
  • In a few of seconds, the screen will transition to display the selected bill along with its due date.
  • Click “View Complete Bill” now if you need to print or download the entire bill.
  • The full invoice may be viewed here, including with “Print” and “Download” options.
  • If you have any problems, you can get in touch with the main office or the sui gas hotline number.

Method to Download the Sui Gas duplicate bill

  • Go to the website first.
  • This is where you may find basic forms. Simply input your customer number or customer number in the relevant business form, then select the “Check Bill” option.
  • You will see your preferred bill and the due date in a moment on the next screen.
  • Simply select “View Complete Bill” if you need to print or download the entire bill at this time.
  • The “Print” and “Download” options are shown here, along with the full bill view. Sui gas bill online bill 2023 Online from our website.

What is the minimum bill in SNGPL?

When gas consumption in SNGPL is zero or falls below a certain threshold established by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), the minimum bill is generated. Every type of buyer is included in its scope. The following are OGRA’s minimum fees for the various categories. Not included in these prices are the costs of renting a meter and GST. Sui gas bill online bill 2023 Online from our website.

Category Minimum Charges (Rs. per month)
(a) Standalone Meters Rs. 172.58
(b) Madrassas, Mosques, Churches, Temples, Rs. 172.58
Those who receive their gas from bulk meters at government and semi-government buildings, hospitals, clinics, maternity homes, government guest houses, armed forces mess halls, langars, universities, colleges, schools, and private educational institutions, orphanages, and other charitable institutions, and hostels and residential colonies. Rs. 3,900.00
Cafes, bakeries, milk shops, tea stalls, canteens, barber shops, laundromats, hotels, malls, places of entertainment like cinemas, clubs, theaters, private offices, corporate firms, etc. are all examples of businesses that have to register with local authorities in order to sell consumer goods directly to customers. Rs. 6,415.00
Commercial Special (Roti Tandoors) Rs. 148.50
Ice Factories Rs. 6,415.00
General Industry Rs. 36,449.70
CNG Rs. 45,803.10
Cement Rs. 45,588.90
Power Stations (WAPDA’s and KESC’s Power Stations)
(i) Power Plants owned by WAPDA and KESC, and other Electricity Utility Businesses Rs. 29,416.80
(ii) WAPDA’s Nishatabad, Faisalabad Gas Turbine Power Station Rs. 975,000 (Fixed Charges)
(iii) Liberty Power Limited’s Gas Turbine Power Plant (Phase 1) at Dharki Rs. 44,972.79
Independent Power Producers Rs. 29,416.80
Captive Power Rs. 36,449.70

What is Natural Gas and Importance?

As its name suggests, gaseous natural gas can be found underground in a variety of formations and depths. Pakistan’s energy supply remains unaffected by fluctuations in overseas prices or disruptions in foreign supplies due to its indigenous production. Natural gas is colorless and odorless, with methane making up the majority of its composition. Before natural gas is put into the pipeline system, contaminants are taken out of it in order to get it to consumers. Sui gas bill online bill 2023 Online from our website.

Where I can make payment for my SNGPL bill?

The following financial institutions have locations where you can deposit your SNGPL bill:

  • ABL, or Allied Bank Limited
  • The First Women’s Bank
  • To wit: HBL (Habib Bank Limited)
  • The MCB Bank Limited is a Muslim Commercial Bank.
  • Financial Institution of Pakistan
  • Organization for National Banking and Investment (NIB)
  • The U.B.L., or United Bank, is a
  • Banco del Per (BOP)
  • A Division of Askari Bank
  • The Limited Soneri Bank
  • Limited Meezan Bank
  • Banco Alfalah S.A.L.
  • Bank Faysal Limited
  • Sama Limited Bank
  • Limited Bank of Islami

If you wish to pay your SNGPL bill at one of these banks, you may do so at any of their locations.

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Q1: How can I pay my Sui Gas bill online?

You can pay your Sui Gas bill online at the company’s website or through one of many other third-party payment processors. You can choose from a variety of convenient online payment methods offered by most gas companies.

Q2: What information do I need to pay my Sui Gas bill online?

You will need your customer account number and the exact amount owing on your Sui Gas bill in order to make an online payment. You may also require a working email address for receipts and other administrative purposes.

Q3: Can I pay my Sui Gas bill online through a mobile app?

You can pay your Sui Gas bill with a smartphone app, as many corporations already do. To make paying your gas bill easier, download the official app from your provider.

Q4: Are there any charges for paying my Sui Gas bill online?

A4: Some forms of online payment may include a price, while others are completely free of charge. To learn about any other fees, contact your gas provider or the service you’re using to make the payment.

Q5: Is it safe to pay my Sui Gas bill online?

If you pay your bills online through an established and known channel, such as an official website, you can feel safe. Be wary of giving out personal information on websites that don’t use a secure connection (https://).

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