Pma Long Course 153 Guess Paper Pdf Download

Pma Long Course 153 Guess Paper Pdf Download from our website. Prepare for the PMA Long Course exam in the Pakistani military with the help of the sample questions and answers provided here. First PMA Test of a Prolonged Range Intelligence both in and out of the mouth GK Math Current Events in English Biology Theoretical Medicine You may get pdfs of practice tests, guides, and more for the PMA Long Course Test here. You can get free PMA Long Course test prep books online and use them to study for the exams. Please forward this to your friends.

PMA Long Course 153 Guess Paper

The Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) admissions test is called the PMA Long Course 153. This exam is given twice a year, once in January and once in July, and is highly competitive. The test has three sections:

  • Written Test
  • Intelligence Test
  • Psychological Test

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  • There are three sections to the written exam: English, math, and science. There are three separate written sections, each worth 100 points, for a total of 300 possible points.
  • The IQ test is an evaluation of your cognitive abilities and problem-solving prowess. It includes several types of questions, including analytical, logical, and reasoning ones.
  • The psychological examination is meant to assess one’s character and demeanor. It includes inquiries into matters such as your outlook, values, and passions.

Pma Long Course 153 Guess Paper Pdf Download

Pma Long Course 153 Guess Paper

PMA Long Course 153 Guess Paper

The following is a guess paper for the PMA Long Course 153 written test:


  1. Pick the right alternative to “enormous”:

    • A. large
    • B. huge
    • C. gigantic
    • D. all of the above
  2. Find the best alternative to “intelligent” in the choices below.

    • A. stupid
    • B. foolish
    • C. ignorant
    • D. all of the above
  3. The ____ brown fox ____ over the _____ dog in this old adage.

    • A. brown
    • B. white
    • C. black
    • D. yellow
  4. Which of the following is the most grammatically sound?

    • A. I went to the store and bought some milk, eggs, and bananas.
    • B. I went to the store and bought milk, eggs, and bananas.
    • C. I went to the store and bought milk, eggs and bananas.
    • D. I went to the store and bought milk, eggs and bananas.
  5. What is your favorite book and why?


  1. Find the answer to the equation: (x + 2)(5 – x)

    • A. x = 3
    • B. x = 4
    • C. x = 5
    • D. x = 6
  2. Determine the surface area of a 5 by 10 centimeter triangle.

    • A. 25 cm2
    • B. 50 cm2
    • C. 75 cm2
    • D. 100 cm2
  3. Determine the cubic centimeters of a cube with 5 cm-long sides.

    • A. 125 cm3
    • B. 250 cm3
    • C. 375 cm3
    • D. 500 cm3
  4. It takes a train 2 hours to traverse 120 kilometers at 60 kilometers per hour. How many meters per second does the train travel at?

    • A. 10 m/s
    • B. 15 m/s
    • C. 20 m/s
    • D. 25 m/s
  5. The quadratic equation x2 + 2x – 8 = 0 must be solved.

    • A. x = -2, 4
    • B. x = -1, 3
    • C. x = 0, 2
    • D. x = 1, -4

General Science

  1. Determine which of these is the least massive planet in our solar system.

    • A. Mercury
    • B. Venus
    • C. Earth
    • D. Mars
  2. What is the name of the BIGGEST ocean on Earth?

    • A. Pacific Ocean
    • B. Atlantic Ocean
    • C. Indian Ocean
    • D. Arctic Ocean
  3. Can you provide me water’s chemical formula?

    • A. H2O
    • B. CO2
    • C. O2
    • D. N2
  4. How exactly do plants create the food that we eat?

    • A. Photosynthesis
    • B. Respiration
    • C. Transpiration
    • D. all of the above
  5. Which of these is the largest human organ?

    • A. Skin
    • B. Liver
    • C. Brain
    • D. Heart

Keep in mind that this is simply a practice test, and that the real exam may look different. This should, however, serve as a good preview of the exam’s question format.

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  1. What is PMA Long Course 153?
    • The 153rd PMA Long Course was the most recent one held at the Pakistan Military Academy. Aspiring officers in the Pakistani Army can participate in this coveted commissioning program.
  2. What is a Guess Paper?
    • The questions on a guess paper are those that are thought to have a high probability of appearing on a forthcoming test. It aids in more efficient study.
  3. Why do I need a Guess Paper for PMA Long Course 153?
    • Having a sample paper for PMA Long Course 153 can be helpful because it can give you an idea of the kinds of questions that will likely be on the test. It aids in concentration and hence preparation.
  4. Where can I find a Guess Paper for PMA Long Course 153?
    • PMA Long Course 153 sample papers are available online from a variety of sources. Try searching for educational online communities, social media groups, or websites that focus on preparing individuals for admission exams for the military.
  5. Are PMA Long Course 153 Guess Papers reliable?
    • The accuracy of guessing papers varies widely. Select credible resources and verify their accuracy by comparing their statements to the required reading and sample questions from prior years.
  6. How can I use a Guess Paper effectively for my PMA Long Course 153 preparation?
    • Make use of the blank sheets of paper as extra study aids. Examine the offered answers and then give it a shot at solving the problems on your own. You’ll learn more about your own capabilities after doing this.
  7. Are there any online forums or communities where I can discuss PMA Long Course 153 preparation and guess papers?
    • Yes, there are a number of online forums and social media groups where people who are taking the PMA Long Course 153 may talk about their study plans, post their guess papers, and get feedback from others.
  8. What other resources should I use for PMA Long Course 153 preparation besides guess papers?
    • Examine the official syllabus, textbooks, and past papers, and sign up for a respected coaching institute if they are accessible in addition to using guess papers. Consistent exercise is also crucial.
  9. When is the PMA Long Course 153 entrance exam conducted?
    • Exam dates for gaining admission to PMA Long Course 153 have been known to shift around from year to year. For the latest recent information, it is best to visit the Pakistan Army’s official website or get in touch with the appropriate authorities.
  10. Is there a specific format for the PMA Long Course 153 guess paper?
    • The questions on a guess paper can take a variety of forms, from multiple-choice to open-ended to essay, but these are the most common. To ensure your success, you should practice answering all possible types of questions.

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