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The National Defence University (NDU), Islamabad has announced the acceptance of applications for the 2024 Academic Session. The institution is offering a variety of programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including BS (4 Years), BS via Bridging Semester, M.Phil, MSPM, and Ph.D. These programs fall under the Faculty of Contemporary Studies (FCS) and are available for both Spring and Fall semesters. The admission process involves filling out an online application form, paying a fee, and meeting certain eligibility requirements including high school certificates with top grades, passing an entrance examination, and completing an interview. Applicants should also meet health requirements and provide proof of English proficiency if they are non-native English speakers. Additionally, applicants are required to submit educational certificates, a copy of CNIC or bay form, a Hope Certificate (if results are pending), recent passport size photographs, a domicile document, and a copy of the HBL Bank Challan. The deadline for submission is December 12, 2023. More details are available on the official website, ndu.edu.pk.

NDU Admission 2024

The National Defence University, Islamabad’s Admission Office, has announced its acceptance of applications for NDU Admission 2024 Academic Session. The institution is inviting submissions for a variety of programs such as BS (4 Years), BS via Bridging Semester, M.Phil, MSPM, and Ph.D. These programs are offered at the Faculty of Contemporary Studies (FCS) and are available in both Spring and Fall semesters. At present, they are accepting both undergraduate and postgraduate applications for the Fall 2024 term at the NDU. The University’s mission is to deliver quality higher education and it has made its mark as a leading institution in the nation due to its strict adherence to rules and discipline.

ndu.edu.pk Admissions 2024

The official announcement from Alma Mater provides a comprehensive guide to the application process, eligibility requirements, and steps for online enrollment. This information, inclusive of contact details, can be found in the detailed announcement below, as well as on the official website, ndu.edu.pk. The advertisement thoroughly outlines the prerequisites for the programs offered, application form details, registration process, entrance examination information, and admission timeline. More specific data, like the fee structure and admission criteria, can be sought from NDU’s official website.

NDU Admission criteria

The National Defence University (NDU) has a rigorous admissions process to ensure only the most determined and capable students are selected. The criteria for admission include a high school certificate with top grades, pass marks in the entry test conducted by NDU, and a comprehensive interview. Applicants must also meet all requisite health and fitness requirements, and non-native English speakers must provide proof of English proficiency. Please note that these criteria may be subject to changes, and more specific requirements may apply to certain programs or departments.

NDU Admission Deadline

Please note that the final deadline for submitting your applications for the National Defence University Islamabad NDU Admission Spring 2024 is December 08, 2023. Ensure that all necessary documents and prerequisites are completed before this date to ensure your application is considered.

NDU Admission login & all Program

The National Defence University (NDU) in Islamabad has officially opened admissions for the 2024 academic session. Prospective students are invited to apply online for a range of diverse and rewarding undergraduate bachelor degree programs. The NDU is renowned for its rigorous academic environment, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and leadership skills in its students. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a world-class institution committed to academic excellence. Visit our admissions portal now to start your application process.

  • BS degree in International Relations
  • BS degree in Strategic Studies
  • BS degree in Conflict & Peace Studies
  • BS degree in Government & Public Policy
  • BS degree in Economics
  • BS degree in Leadership & Management Studies

NDU Admission Requirements

For the application process, all candidates are required to submit the following documents:

  1. All educational certificates: These should include any degrees, diplomas, or certificates from recognized educational institutions.
  2. CNIC or bay form: A valid National Identification Card (CNIC) or a bay form for identification purposes.
  3. Hope Certificate: This is applicable in cases where the applicant’s results are still pending.
  4. Passport size Photographs: Applicants should provide recent, clear photographs of passport size.
  5. Domicile: A document establishing the applicant’s legal residence.
  6. HBL Bank Challan copy: A copy of the bank challan from HBL amounting to Rs. 2000/- as proof of payment of application fees.

NDU Admission form

According to the recently published schedule, NDU Islamabad has now made the registration application forms available on their official website. Those who are interested can acquire the admission form directly from this official website. It’s crucial to not only download the admission form but also to submit it to the appropriate department by the given deadline, which is December 12, 2023.

Download Form

NDU Admission portal & Fee Structure

The NDU Admission portal is a dedicated online platform where prospective students can apply to join Notre Dame University. The portal provides a streamlined application process, allowing applicants to fill out forms, submit necessary documents, and track the status of their applications in real time. It serves as a one-stop solution for all admission-related queries and requirements, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all prospective students.

BS – Conflict & Peace Studies 4 Years 121000 NA
BS – Economics 4 Years 121000 NA
BS – Government & Public Policy 4 Years 121000 NA
BS – International Relations 4 Years 121000 NA
BS – Leadership & Management Studies 4 Years 121000 NA
BS – Strategic Studies 4 Years 121000 NA

NDU Admission fall 2023

NDU Admission spring 2023

How To Apply for National Defence University Admission 2024:

Applying for admission to the National Defence University in 2024 involves several steps. Firstly, candidates must check the eligibility criteria provided on the official website to ensure they qualify for the course they are interested in. Following this, applicants need to fill out the online application form with detailed and accurate information. This includes personal details, academic history and results, and any relevant defence service if applicable. Once the form is completed, candidates must pay the application fee through the provided online payment methods. It’s important to review the completed form for accuracy before submission, and keep a printed copy for future reference. After submission, candidates need to regularly check their email or the official website for updates on the admission process, interview dates (if applicable), and results.

Contact information

For further inquiries or information, feel free to reach out to us via the following contact details:

  • Phone: +92 51 9262066-8
  • Fax: +92 51 9263479
  • Email: gso1trg@ndu.edu.pk
  • Official Website: www.ndu.edu.pk

    We are located at the National Defense University (NDU), Islamabad 44000. We look forward to hearing from you. Also, consider checking out the upcoming Comsats University Islamabad (Lahore Campus) Admission 2024.

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