Is Winter Vacation Extended in Punjab till 15 January 2024 in Pakistan

As Punjab grapples with extreme winter conditions, there is a rising clamor for an extension of the school’s winter break. Although the original conclusion of the break was scheduled for January 9, 2024, numerous individuals are voicing their support for an extension on different social media platforms. As of January 7, 2024, there have been no formal announcements, and there seem to be no plans to change the school’s academic calendar.

However, during his recent visit to Lahore Zoo, Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi hinted at a possible extension based on the Education Department’s suggestions. Yet, he underscored the role of expert advice in making decisions, with the utmost priority given to the well-being of students and educators. Amid this uncertainty, the school administration has granted an extension until January 15, 2024, allowing students to have additional rest and preparation time. The final call on further extensions will largely depend on the prevailing weather conditions and the consequent health and safety considerations for the students.

Is Winter Vacation Extended in Punjab till 15 January 2024 in Pakistan?

Punjab’s Higher Education Department, falsely claiming an extension of winter vacation for colleges until January 14, 2024, has caused widespread confusion among parents, teachers, and students. The actual notification, published by the Higher Education Department (HED) on December 30, 2023, states that schools, both public and private, will reopen on January 10, 2024. The HED convened a meeting to discuss potential proposals for extending the winter holidays, including options for specific academic levels, changing school timings, focusing on students with upcoming exams, and extending holidays for other classes.

Is Winter Vacation Extended in Punjab till 15 January 2024 in Pakistan

Winter Vacation Extended in Punjab

Punjab’s Chief Minister, Mohsin Naqvi, has announced a potential extension to winter vacations for students based on the Education Department’s advice. The announcement was made during his visit to Lahore Zoo amid ongoing smog and fog issues, which have disrupted travel and even led to airport closures in Faisalabad, Sialkot, and Lahore. Naqvi also revealed plans for artificial rain to improve visibility if enough clouds are present, but noted the current lack of sufficient cloud cover. He expressed concern over the widespread fog across the Punjab region, extending even to Rawalpindi and Islamabad, and hoped for natural rain to alleviate the situation.

Winter Vacation Extended in Punjab 2024 in Pakistan

The Punjab Government has announced an extension to the winter vacation in 2024 due to extreme weather conditions across the region. This decision aims to ensure the safety and well-being of students amidst the severe cold wave that has hit Pakistan. The extended break is also expected to minimize the disruption of academic activities, allowing schools to resume normal operations once conditions improve. Parents and students are advised to stay updated with the latest announcements regarding the resumption of classes.

Punjab Citizens Demand Additional Winter Holidays

As Punjab province experiences severe cold waves, local citizens are using social media to request an extension of school winter holidays. This appeal comes following an announcement from Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi that there won’t be an extension to the scheduled holidays for students. Concerns have been raised about the extreme cold weather conditions being unsafe for school-going children, prompting calls for authorities to reconsider their decision.

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