Hajj Application 2024 Pakistan Last Date

Hajj Application 2024 Pakistan Last Date described here. In summary, the Hajj application process for 2024 is expected to open in April or May. Applicants can check their status through the Ministry of Religious Affairs’ website and HBL’s online platform. The exact cost for Hajj 2024 has not been announced yet but is expected to be higher due to inflation. The Ministry of Hajj offers various services and is responsible for organizing and facilitating the pilgrimage. Pakistani citizens must meet certain requirements to apply for Hajj, and the latest updates on travel restrictions due to Covid-19 should be regularly checked.

So, that they can plan accordingly and ensure a safe and successful journey. Overall, performing Hajj requires proper planning, preparation, and adherence to guidelines set by the Saudi government and Ministry of Hajj. But, the spiritual experience and rewards make it a unique and unforgettable journey for every pilgrim.

hajj application 2024 pakistan last date

The application process for the Hajj pilgrimage typically begins in December of the year prior and concludes in February or March. For the 2024 Hajj, the application deadline in likely during February or March of that same year.

To stay well-informed about the 2024 Hajj application process, here are a few steps you can take:

1. Visit the official website of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony: The ministry’s website offers the most recent information regarding the Hajj application process. This includes details on deadlines, eligibility requirements, and application procedures.

2. Follow the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony on social media: The ministry often shares updates about the Hajj application process on their social media accounts. These updates can help you stay in the loop and remain aware of any changes or important announcements.

3. Get in touch with your local Hajj Group Organizer: Local Hajj Group Organizers can provide you with valuable information about the application process and assist you in submitting your application. They have expertise in handling Hajj-related matters and can guide you through the process.

4. Subscribe to Hajj-related newsletters or blogs: Numerous newsletters and blogs are dedicated to Hajj-related topics. Subscribing to these resources will keep you up-to-date with the latest information and developments concerning the pilgrimage.

By following these steps, you can enhance your understanding of the Hajj application process and increase your chances of a successful application.

Hajj Application 2024

Hajj 2024 Application Date

The Hajj application process starts every year at a specific time, and the dates vary from year to year. The Hajj 2024 application date has not yet been announced, but it is expected to open in April or May 2024. The Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony, Government of Pakistan, will announce the exact date on their official website, and applicants can also get the schedule from their respective banks that participate in the Hajj scheme.

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Hajj Application Status

After submitting the Hajj application, applicants eagerly wait for their status to know if they have been selected for the pilgrimage or not. The Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony updates the Hajj application status regularly on their official website, and applicants can check their status by entering their passport number and application ID. Applicants can also inquire about their Hajj application status through SMS or Helpline numbers provided by their banks.

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HBL Hajj Application 2024

HBL is one of the banks that participate in the Hajj scheme and offers Hajj applications for their account holders. HBL Hajj application 2024 will be available for their customers in HBL branches and online. HBL account holders can submit Hajj applications online or manually at HBL branches. They can also track their Hajj application status through the HBL website, SMS, or Helpline numbers. HBL Hajj application fee for 2024 will be announced later.

Hajj 2024 Price Pakistan

The Hajj cost varies every year depending on factors such as airfare, accommodation, and living expenses in Saudi Arabia. The Hajj 2024 price in Pakistan has not yet been announced, but it is expected to be higher than the Hajj 2023 cost due to inflation. The Hajj cost in Pakistan also depends on the Hajj operator, and applicants can choose from different Hajj packages according to their budget and preference.


1. Responsibilities of the Ministry of Hajj:
The Ministry of Hajj is responsible for organizing and facilitating the annual Hajj pilgrimage. Its main functions include providing visas, transportation, accommodation, food, and medical services to pilgrims. The Ministry also coordinates with various government and private entities to ensure the safety and security of pilgrims, especially during the rituals of Hajj. Additionally, the Ministry oversees the development and maintenance of the infrastructure and facilities in the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

2. Services offered by the Ministry of Hajj:
The Ministry of Hajj offers a range of services to pilgrims, including transportation from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the holy sites, accommodation in tents in Mina, food and beverages, medical and emergency services, as well as guidance and counseling. The Ministry also provides information about the rituals of Hajj and the do’s and don’ts of visiting the holy sites. The Ministry’s website (https://haj.gov.sa) is a useful resource for accessing information and services related to Hajj.

3. Requirements for Pakistani citizens to apply for Hajj:
Pakistani citizens who wish to perform Hajj must apply through the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Pakistan. The application process usually starts in the month of January and ends in February. The criteria for selection may vary each year, depending on the number of applicants and the quota allocated by the Saudi government. In general, applicants must be at least 18 years old, physically and financially capable, and have a valid passport. They must also provide a certificate of vaccination against meningitis and pay the Hajj fee.

4. Current status of the Hajj application process:
The Hajj application process for Pakistani citizens for the year 2021 has been completed. The Saudi government had announced a reduced quota of 60,000 pilgrims due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The selected pilgrims are required to follow strict health protocols, including vaccination, quarantine, and social distancing, during their stay in Saudi Arabia. The Ministry of Religious Affairs in Pakistan has announced that the returning pilgrims will also have to undergo mandatory quarantine upon their arrival in Pakistan.

5. Latest updates on Hajj travel restrictions:
Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Saudi government has imposed several travel restrictions on international pilgrims. The Hajj pilgrimage has been limited to a small number of selected pilgrims from within Saudi Arabia and other countries. The government has also issued guidelines for Hajj organizers and pilgrims to ensure their safety during the pilgrimage. The current travel restrictions are subject to change based on the evolving situation of the pandemic.

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