FIA Written Test Date 2023, Roll No Slip Download

FIA Written Test Date 2023, Roll No Slip Download now from our website. In Pakistan, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is a very important law enforcement agency that deals with many crimes, such as hacking, immigration, economic crimes, and human trafficking. They hire new people every year through interviews, written tests, and physical tests. The FIA roll number slip has important information like the candidate’s name, roll number, and test place and is needed to take the written test.

When is the 2023 test? The written test is on November 20, and the physical test is on November 25. Candidates can get their roll number slip by using their CNIC number and password to log in to the FIA recruitment site. Current events, general information, Pakistan studies, math, and English are some of the topics that will be covered on the test.

Candidates can get good test-taking materials online, work on their language and general knowledge, and practice managing their time to get ready. The test has 100 multiple-choice questions in English, Urdu, and general knowledge, and there is a punishment for wrong answers. It is very important to know how the test is set up. Overall, you need to study hard if you want to do well on the FIA written test in 2023.

FIA Roll No Slip 2023

In Pakistan, the Federal Investigation body (FIA) is the most important law enforcement body. Its job is to look into and bring criminal charges in cases involving hacking, immigration, economic crime, and trafficking people. The FIA is also very important for keeping the country safe and fighting terrorists.

The FIA holds a hiring process every year to choose new officers. There is a written test, a physical test, and an interview as part of the hiring process. It checks how smart and knowledgeable the candidates are in general.

You need the FIA roll number slip, which is a very important piece of paper, in order to take the written test. It has important details like the candidate’s name, roll number, test center, and more.

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Recruitment login

Candidates have to first log in to the FIA recruiting portal, which can be found at, before they can download the FIA roll no slip. Candidates will be required to submit both their CNIC number and their password in order to log in.

FIA Written Test Date

The FIA written examination is planned to take place on November 20 this year. Candidates need to verify the date and time of their examination by looking at the roll number slip that was provided to them.

FIA Physical Test Date

On 25 November, the FIA will conduct the physical exam that is planned to take place. Candidates who are successful in completing the written test will then be permitted to move on to the physical test.

FIA Roll No Slip 2023 Check by Name or ID Card

Candidates are able to check their FIA roll no slip by either their CNIC number or their name by going to the FIA recruitment webpage and entering either their CNIC number or their name into the appropriate section.

How To Download FIA Roll No Slip?

Use these methods to download the FIA roll no slip:

  • Navigate to, the FIA recruitment webpage.
  • Enter your password and CNIC number to log in.
  • The option to “Download Roll No Slip” should appear.
    When you’ve entered your CNIC, click the “Submit” button.
  • On the screen, your FIA roll no slip will be visible.
  • Your roll no slip can be printed off or saved for further use.

FIA Jobs Roll no Slip 2023 Download Steps

The following are guidelines and steps for downloading the FIA roll no slip:

  • Verify that your password and CNIC are up to date.
  • Go to to access the FIA employment portal.
  • Choose “Download Roll No Slip” from the list of options.
    Click the “Submit” button once you’ve entered your CNIC number.
  • On the screen, your FIA roll no slip will be visible.
  • Your roll no slip can be printed off or saved for further use.

FIA Test Syllabus 2023

The FIA test syllabus 2023 covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Current affairs
  • General knowledge
  • Pakistan studies
  • Mathematics
  • English

Candidates are advised to thoroughly prepare for the test by covering all of the topics in the syllabus.

FIA Test Centers

The FIA written test will be held at various test centers across Pakistan. Candidates can check their roll no slip to confirm the exact location of their test center.

How to Prepare for FIA Written Test Date 2023 and Pass with Flying Colors

Being a part of the Federal Investigation Agency is a dream come true for many students ho aspire to join the law enforcement agency of Pakistan. However, getting recruited in the FIA is a challenging and rigorous process that involves various stages of testing and selection. One such crucial stage is the written test, which will be held in 2023. In this blog, we will guide you on how to prepare for the FIA written test date 2023 and pass it with flying colors.

FIA Written Test Date 2023, Roll No Slip Download

FIA Written Test Date 2023, Roll No Slip Download

Understand the FIA Written Test Format

Before starting your preparation, you must understand the test format to know the type of questions, time duration, and marking criteria. The FIA Written Test consists of 100 MCQs in English, Urdu, and General Knowledge with a total marks of 100. You will have 120 minutes to complete the test, and each correct answer will provide you with one mark. However, every wrong answer will deduct 0.25 marks from your score.

Get Familiar with FIA Online Test Preparation Sources

To enhance their preparation, the candidates can avail of several online resources such as practice tests, past papers, and syllabus. Several websites are offering online test preparation, including ilmkiDunya, Pakistan Online Test, and These websites provide an authentic and updated version of the latest FIA written test syllabus, practice tests, quizzes, and past papers.

Focus on Grammar Skills

The FIA written test examines your English proficiency, which you may only develop by improving your grammar skills. Focus on improving your grammatical skills to enhance your score in the English section of the test. Some online websites, such as Grammarly and English Test, provide easy-to-use tools to help you improve your English.

Develop your General Knowledge Skills

General Knowledge (GK) is an essential part of the written test, and you can score well by improving your GK skills. Read newspapers, watch news programs and listen to debate shows to increase your general knowledge. Practice quizzes of past papers and attend online or in-person preparation courses to build your knowledge base.

Time Management is Crucial

Time management is a vital aspect of the written test, and you should use your time wisely. The key to accomplishing this is to practice time management strategies while taking mock tests. While attempting online tests, keep a timer for each section and practice managing your time accordingly.


Preparing for the FIA written test date 2023 requires time, focus, and dedication. You can enhance your chances of passing the test by familiarizing yourself with the test format and using online resources for test preparation. Improving your grammatical skills, developing your general knowledge, and practicing time management is crucial for better performance. Remember to stay confident, calm and focused while taking the test to pass with flying colors. Wishing you all the best in your preparations!

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Q1: When is the FIA written test date for 2023?

In 2023, the exact date of the FIA written exam may change based on the region and the recruitment cycle, therefore it’s hard to say. Candidates can find the exact date by checking the FIA’s official website or getting in touch with the appropriate FIA officials.

Q2: How can I find out the FIA written test date for 2023?

To find out when the 2023 FIA written exam will be held, A2 suggests checking the FIA’s website or other official recruitment channels. They will publicize the exam date and give thorough guidelines to prospective examinees.

Q3: Are there multiple FIA written test dates in 2023?

Answer 3: In 2023, the FIA may administer more than one exam for some locations or positions. Candidates seeking information on specific test dates should consult the official FIA website or else make direct contact with the appropriate authorities.

Q4: Can I request a change of the FIA written test date for 2023 if I have a scheduling conflict?

A4: Generally, FIA test dates are specified by the agency, and adjustments to the test date may not be possible. If you have special circumstances, nevertheless, feel free to contact the FIA’s recruitment staff for advice.

Q5: What documents do I need to bring to the FIA written test in 2023?

A5: The FIA may offer different guidelines for the 2023 written exam, thus the documents you need may change. Bring your valid photo identification, your admit card, and any other required materials listed in the exam announcement.

Q6: How can I prepare for the FIA written test in 2023?

Answer 6: The 2023 FIA written exam can be prepared for by studying the material covered in the exam curriculum. Consider using study resources, practice examinations, and previous year’s question papers. You can also get help from places like study centers and the internet.

Q7: Is there a fee associated with the FIA written test in 2023?

In 2023, the FIA may implement a fee for the written exam, the amount of which will depend on factors such as the applicant’s job title and location. Test fees and registration information can be found on the FIA website or in the test announcement.

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