Emory University Hospital A World Class Medical Center

Emory University Hospital A World Class Medical Center is available. Emory University Hospital, situated near Atlanta’s urban core, is an internationally acclaimed medical facility renowned for its world-class care and knowledgeable staff. Emory Healthcare was originally founded as Wesley Memorial Hospital and regularly ranks highly in national hospital evaluations for cancer treatments, cardiovascular medicine, neurological medicine and orthopedics. Emory University Hospital excels in various medical fields, such as oncology, cardiovascular medicine, neuroscience organ transplantation orthopedics urology women’s health pediatrics and ophthalmology.

Emory University Hospital stands out as an institution dedicated to research and innovation, striving to enhance patient care, discover cures and speed recovery through cutting-edge technologies and treatments. Renowned physicians and medical experts collaborate here, with services geared toward personalized, compassionate patient services being of particular focus. Emory University Hospital stands out as a top healthcare facility thanks to its long history, commitment to excellence and patient-centric approach that make it ideal for treating serious illnesses or injuries.

Emory University Hospital History and Reputation

Emory University Hospital (formerly Wesley Memorial Hospital) has been serving Atlantans since 1904 under its original name Wesley Memorial Hospital. Today it forms part of Emory Healthcare and has earned widespread praise for the quality of treatment it offers patients as well as research and teaching it conducts. When ranked against other hospitals nationwide by U.S. News & World Report, Emory is always highly ranked, being included among only 25 hospitals for cancer treatments, cardiovascular medicine, neurological medicine and orthopedics services in Georgia alone!

Emory University Hospital Offers Areas of Specialization

Emory University Hospital stands out among tertiary care facilities as one of the premier facilities for treating serious illnesses, with specialties including cancer treatments, cardiovascular medicine, neuroscience organ transplantation orthopedics urology. Emory Healthcare also offers facilities specialized for women’s health pediatrics ophthalmology.

Emory University Hospital A World Class Medical Center

Emory University Hospital

Emory University Hospital Research and Innovation

Emory University Hospital is committed to the advancement of scientific inquiry and clinical innovation within healthcare. Their award-winning research programs aim to enhance patients’ lives, uncover cures for various illnesses, and accelerate recovery rates. Emory Healthcare stands at the forefront of pioneering innovative medical technologies and treatments designed to enhance care delivery and speed recovery times for its patients.

Emory University Hospital Physician Expertise

Emory University Hospital attracts some of the world’s premier physicians and other medical experts, all board-certified specialists in their respective professions. Emory Healthcare boasts such facilities as Winship Cancer Institute, Emory Heart & Vascular Centre and Emory Orthopedics & Spine Centre – just to name a few prestigious names! Emory University Hospital Patient Services and Care are provided in an efficient and compassionate manner.

Emory University Hospital takes great pride in the care and service it offers its patients, as a top priority. Their staff is committed to offering individualized attention based on the most current medical findings. Education programs, counselling services and support groups are just some of the many resources provided through Emory Healthcare that patients and their loved ones may access.


Emory University Hospital stands as a premier medical facility dedicated to providing patients with outstanding patient care, conducting cutting-edge research, and creating innovative medical treatments and procedures. Emory is known worldwide and attracts both local and international patients thanks to its rich history, outstanding reputation for excellence, and commitment to patient-centric care – it should be your go-to choice when seeking healthcare for serious illness or injury.

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1. What services does Emory University Hospital provide?

Services at Emory University Hospital include cardiology, neurology, oncology and transplant surgery as well as many other subspecialty areas. For a full list of available specializations please click here.

2. How can I schedule an appointment at Emory University Hospital?

To schedule an appointment at Emory University Hospital, simply call our appointment line or fill out an online form.

3. Does Emory University Hospital Accept Insurance Plans?

Emory University Hospital accepts most health care plans and it is strongly suggested that before scheduling any surgeries or treatments at Emory, contact your insurance company first to confirm coverage.

4. What financial assistance options are available for patients without health insurance coverage?

Emory University Hospital may offer financial assistance programs to patients without health insurance or those unable to cover medical care on their own, who require help navigating alternative payment solutions. Our financial advisors are on hand to guide their journey.

5. Can I Access My Medical Records Online?

Emory University Hospital does provide patients with access to their health records online via a private portal that allows them to view and discuss lab results as well as communicate directly with their doctors.

6. How can I locate a specific specialist at Emory University Hospital?

Our user-friendly medical directory makes finding doctors affiliated with Emory University Hospital easy, whether by name, specialty, or location.

7. What should I expect during my hospital stay at Emory University Hospital?

Emory University Hospital guarantees you personalized attention from highly-skilled medical staff during your stay, including drug usage and follow-up sessions. Every detail will be clearly communicated.

8. Is parking available to visitors of Emory University Hospital?

Yes, Emory University Hospital offers ample parking facilities. For all parking-related details and charges, please visit our website or get in touch with us directly.

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