Everything You Need to Know About the Election Results 2023-24

Everything You Need to Know About the Election Results 2023-24 check from our website. Election season is always highly anticipated and staying informed and up-to-date is important for everyone. With technology having advanced significantly, voters now have access to checking election results online – making it much simpler and quicker for voters to stay up-to-date with election outcomes and stay informed. In this blog post we’ll look deeper into election results 2023-24 and how you can check them online.

What Are the Election Results 2023-24?

Election Results 2023-24 refers to the results of various elections scheduled to take place in India between 2023-2024, such as general, assembly and local body elections. These elections determine who will lead India and its states/localities for the upcoming term – this event impacts everyone across India.

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New board members:

  • United Arab Emirates’ Nada Abdallah
  • United Kingdom’s Laurence Penney
  • USA/Poland’s Marek Z. Jeziorek
  • Irish woman Clare Bell
  • U.S.A. – Jordan Bell (as of january 1, 2024)
  • U.S.A. citizen Carima El-Behairy (as of Jan. 1, 2024)

Re-elected board members:

  • Sri Lankan native Sumanthri Samarawickrama
  • Japan’s own Tetsuo Sakomura

Election Board Member 2023-24

  • Positions were up for grabs in this 2023-2024 election cycle for a variety of terms on the board of directors. The four open positions were filled immediately, while the remaining four will become available in January 2024.
  • First-time candidates Nada, Laurence, Marek, and Clare were elected to serve staggered three-year terms ending in August 2026.
  • Both Tetsuo and our Vice President Sumanthri were re-elected to their positions. Carima was elected back to the board after some time away. This election marked Jordan’s first time in office. They’ll start serving on the board in the new year of 2024.
  • Last September 8th, during our Board meeting, we greeted the newly elected members. To lead ATypI, members voted in Thomas Phinney (USA), Sumanthri Samarawickrama (Sri Lanka), and Henrique Nardi (Brazil) as president, vice president, and secretary, respectively.

How I Check Election Results Online?

Checking election results online offers numerous advantages. First of all, it is convenient and accessible from anywhere – whether at home or away from the computer. Second of all, online platforms provide an efficient system which gives live updates with reliable information. And lastly it’s cost-effective as you no longer require subscriptions to physical newspapers to stay informed.

Everything You Need to Know About the Election Results 2023-24

Election Results 2023-24

How Can I View Election Results 2023-24 Online?

There are various online ways to monitor election results. Two popular platforms are the Election Commission of India (ECI) website at www.eci.gov.in and National Voters’ Service Portal (NVSP) at www.nvsp.in, both offering real-time election outcomes as well as historical voting data. Furthermore, news websites and apps such as NDTV and Times of India also provide timely election updates.

What to Expect When Checking Election Results Online?

When reviewing election results online, it’s essential to keep in mind that you will gain an abundance of information about each candidate in each race. From voting counts and percentages received to keeping track of winning candidates by name and affiliation status and lead in an election, you will be provided with plenty of data regarding all aspects of their election campaigns.

We also wish to say goodbye to our board members who have since left us Laura Meseguer (Spain), Yves Peters (Belgium) as well as Crystian Cruz (Brazil/Australia) Crystian Cruz (Brazil/Australia), who were elected for three full terms on the board, and greatly contributed to ATypI. With the election of new elected members, we’d appreciate their outstanding contributions to the organization.

Laura Meseguer led the Design team, and helped develop the association’s logo Laura Meseguer was the Design Director, and Yves Peters served as Treasurer and played a significant role in ATypI’s marketing initiatives via his written work. Crystian Cruz was heavily involved in the design for ATypI Paris, and was elected President in the last period of his term board member. Three of them went through the most difficult times to ATypI during the outbreak, and also helped the organization reinvent itself with online events like ATypI All Over along with ATypI All Over and the Type Techs.

We’d like to be grateful to them for their dedication and dedication to their time on the board. Although they’re no longer Board members Yves as well as Crystian continue to be active and supportive of ATypI in a variety of ways, such as helping in communication and on working on Brisbane Program committees, respectively.


Election results in developing nations like India require everyone to remain aware. Checking election results online can be both convenient and cost-effective; websites such as ECI and NVSP provide real-time data updates while you can also subscribe to news apps such as NDTV or Times of India to stay up-to-date. We hope this article has provided some clarity regarding election results 2023-24, and that you are now prepared to take full advantage of checking them online.

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When will election results for 2023-24 be released?

When results for all the elections take place. The Election Commission usually releases election results within 24 hours after voting day, although official results can take several weeks to be officially approved.

Q: What will happen if none of the parties win an outright majority in 2023-24 elections?

A: In such an instance, political parties may need to form a coalition government consisting of multiple parties coming together and working as one governing unit – something common among some parliamentary democracies.

Q: Will there be any impact on the economy following election results?

A: Elections can have an immediate impact on the economy. A stable result could encourage greater investments while an unpredictable one could result in greater uncertainty and lead to decreased investments.

Q: Will we experience any unexpected outcomes during the 2023-24 election process?

A: Election results may often come as a surprise on Election Day, especially if there are swing voters – those voters who remain undecided until the last moment – casting their ballot.

Q: How will the election results have an effect on our nation’s future?

A: The election results for 2023-24 will have an enormous influence on the country. The party that wins will hold power to make crucial decisions that shape our nation, such as crafting policies, selecting judges, strategic planning and more.

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