CSS Psychological Assessment Test Schedule 2024 Check Online

CSS Psychological Assessment Test Schedule 2024 Check Online from our website. The CSS Competitive Examination 2023 incorporates a thorough psychological assessment to determine candidates’ mental and emotional suitability for public service roles. This includes various tests such as personality, intelligence, and situational judgment tests, intended to gauge the candidates’ potential response to public service challenges. The assessments will take place at the FPSC Provincial Office in Lahore from 9th to 16th January 2024, with different roll numbers scheduled for each day at 7:30 A.M. Candidates must bring original documents for verification, along with a completed CSS-2023 application form, Educational Profile Proforma, undertaking, two recent photographs, and four copies of the Preference Form. Absence in the psychological assessment will lead to disqualification from the Viva Voce, and requests for changes of center or postponement will not be entertained. The schedule for Viva Voce will be communicated later.


The CSS Competitive Examination 2023 includes a comprehensive psychological assessment to evaluate candidates’ mental fitness, emotional stability, and suitability for public service. The assessment includes structured and unstructured tests, such as personality tests, intelligence tests, and situational judgment tests. Candidates are advised to approach this assessment with honesty and openness, as there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ response. The objective of this assessment is to understand the individual’s psychological makeup and predict how they would handle the challenges and pressures of public service.

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Venue:The Provincial Office of the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) is located at 31-Civic Centre, Mustafa Town, Wahdat Road, in Lahore.

Examination Dates and Roll Numbers

Date Day Roll Numbers Reporting Time
09.01.2024 Tuesday 16902, 39040, 39133, 39202, 39266, 39290, 39305, 39344, 39560, 39596, 39756 07:30 A.M.
10.01.2024 Wednesday 40097, 40330, 40506, 40519, 40594, 40632, 40729 07:30 A.M.
11.01.2024 Thursday 40838, 40863, 40877, 40999, 41004, 41060, 41107 07:30 A.M.
12.01.2024 Friday 41151, 41201, 41210, 41381, 41417, 41497, 41645 07:30 A.M.
13.01.2024 Saturday 41874, 41884, 41886, 42028, 42036, 42040, 42080 07:30 A.M.
15.01.2024 Monday 42083, 42183, 42201, 42205, 42233, 42389 07:30 A.M.
16.01.2024 Tuesday 43742, 45540, 57953, 031060 07:30 A.M.

Instructions for CSS Candidates

  1. Original Documents Verification:
  2. Candidates must bring all original documents for verification purposes.

Requirements for Psychological Assessment:
In addition to the original documents, candidates are also required to submit the following items at the time of Psychological Assessment:

  • Duly filled and signed Application Form for CSS-2023 (downloaded from FPSC website www.fpsc.gov.pk) along with attested photocopies of all supporting documents.
  • Two recent passport size photographs.
  • Four copies of Preference Form (sent to written qualified candidates via post) are to be furnished at the time of Viva Voce.
  • Educational Profile Proforma:
    – Sent to qualified candidates via post.
  • Undertaking:
    – Sent to qualified candidates via post.
  1. Failure to provide the required documents will result in the candidate not being permitted to participate in the Psychological Assessment. Additionally, candidates who are absent from the Psychological Assessment will not be allowed to take part in the Viva Voce. Please note that requests for a change of center or postponement will not be considered. The schedule for the Viva Voce will be communicated at a later date.

CSS Psychological Assessment Test Schedule 2024

CSS Psychological Assessment Test Schedule 2024 Check Online

CSS Psychological Assessment Test Schedule 2024

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